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Construction Safety Programs

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Health and Safety Programs

"Enhanced Safety Through Change"

An effective Health and Safety Program costs significantly less than the monetary losses in incidents and injuries that otherwise will occur.

Methods used to evaluate Safety Performance, monitor experience modifier rates (EMR's), incident (IR) and loss time rates (LT), determine the attitude, practices and procedures regarding safety and define the elements of a well-planned Construction Safety Management System.

Horizon Safety Group offers to its clients Incident Prevention Programs (IPP) and Safety Training Courses that are tailored to each clients' specific company and/or project needs.

Incident Prevention Programs and Safety Programs

Horizon Safety Group has developed a specific process for implementing each program into client organizations. This process is detailed in four (4) specific steps:

Management Commitment
This is the most important element in developing an effective IPP or safety training program. These programs must demonstrate management's enthusiasm and active support for elements such as accountability, safety planning, budgets, required training, corrective action planning for hazards; it will clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of all employees and management.

Hazard Analysis
An in depth review of the client's current policies, procedures and safety programs would be conducted along with performing a safety performance evaluation. All tasks (means and methods) would be identified and analyzed to ensure that all recognized hazards are included in each IPP or safety program and are specific to the scope of work being performed by the client.

Hazard Prevention and Control
Based on the information gathered during the safety performance evaluation an analysis of all incidents and injuries (trend analysis) would be conducted. With this information along with the hazard analysis, and a review of all scopes in a clients operation is completed; new policies, procedures and the IPP or safety program would be developed.

Safety Training
After the development and implementation of the IPP or safety program, specialized training for client organizations would be developed and conducted in four (4) steps:

Senior Management
This course would identify the roles and responsibilities for management in the program including; auditing practices, active participation, it would also demonstrate how the success of the IPP or safety training program would be directly related to their visible priority to safety.

Middle Management
This course would identify the roles, responsibilities and how to carry out senior managements priorities to maintain a successful IPP or safety program. The course would also review techniques to partner with and support supervision in carrying out their direct responsibilities to employees.

This course would demonstrate the importance of the IPP or safety training and provide tools to utilize while planning or directly overseeing task associated with any scope of work. The course would provide resources to use while supervising employee safety, how to identify hazards, communication, employee training, understanding employee behavior, incident investigation, and how to motivate employee participation in the program.

This course would identify the specifics of the IPP or safety program including the roles and responsibilities of each employee in addition to the policies, procedures, requirements, means and methods of the client. The course would provide tools to utilize while pre-planning their scope of work, also techniques that could be used to avoid incidents and injuries to themselves or other workers.

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