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"Enhanced Safety Through Change"

Horizon Safety Group is a construction Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) consulting firm that provides high-level expertise in Advanced Safety Cultures,  safety management systems, program development, construction outreach training, and internal/external risk assessments.


The founder of Horizon Safety Group has 22 years of  experience in the construction industry with specific focus on the Environmental, Health and Safety profession. With this experience in the construction industry he came to realize specialty and trade contractors desired for their employees a safety culture that would foster the training, guidance and support needed to encourage a Safe and Healthy work environment.


With the knowledge, training, and experience as a Safety Professional he was proficient in providing these safety training services to employees but, only those who were employed by the companies Dale S. Gletty represented. Specialty and trade contractors identified the need of these services however, financing and supporting the employment of a full time Safety Professional was impossible due to the size of these companies.


It was obvious there was a need for specialized safety services, outreach training, support and guidance for specialty and trade contractors and their employees. With positive feedback from several subcontractors and their employees, Dale decided to proceed with The Horizon Advantage concept that he originally developed in 2000.









The concept would provide specialized safety services, outreach training and safety programs that would assist clients in increasing safety performance while developing Advanced Safety Cultures within their organizations. The concept also addressed the financial aspect of safety by offering clients these services at a billable rate that would be significantly less than it's competition or a full time safety professional.

Horizon Safety Group is quickly being established as a premier provider of specialized safety services, outreach training and safety programs to the construction industry in the Southeast.